The only non-custodial wallet to swap native crypto assets across chains and earn passive income on them.

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  • About

What THORWallet DEX is all about

The Digital World in Your Hands

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  • Swap

Cross-chain swaps made easy

For the first time in history, trade native tokens across chains in a decentralized way. No more wrapping.

  • Earn

Unlock your assets' earning potential

Provide liquidity and earn interest on your native assets. Experience the power of DeFi

  • Wallet

Decentralized. Secure.

Securely store, transfer and exchange your crypto assets across 10 chains. You control the keys. Fully non-custodial. Real DeFi.

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  • Webapp

Hardware wallet enabled

Use your favorite hardware or software wallet to connect with our WebApp. Start swaping, earning or buy or sell crypto using our fiat on/off ramp.


Earn now up to:

BCH 14% p.a.
AVA 38% p.a.
BNB 12% p.a.
BTCB 19% p.a.
BUSD 30% p.a.
ETH 13% p.a.
TWT 19% p.a.
BTC 0% p.a.
DOGE 13% p.a.
AAVE 10% p.a.
DAI 14% p.a.
ETH 0.01% p.a.
FOX 9% p.a.
SNX 12% p.a.
TGT 9% p.a.
THOR 9% p.a.
UOS 11% p.a.
USDC 9% p.a.
USDT 10% p.a.
WBTC 17% p.a.
XDEFI 10% p.a.
XRUNE 15% p.a.
YFI 24% p.a.
ATOM 0% p.a.
LTC 11% p.a.

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Community Tiers

Stake our governance token $TGT to access the community tiers and unlock special features

Stake 0 TGT
  • 18% TGT Reward APY
  • 1% Liquidity Fee
  • 1% Trading Fee
Stake now
The perfect entry plan
Stake 35,000 TGT
  • 18% TGT Reward APY
  • 0.3% Liquidity Fee
  • 0.3% Trading Fee
  • Premium Features
  • Harvest & compound
    in one transaction
  • Multiwallet and watch feature
Stake now
Community Plus
The perfect advanced plan
Stake 350,000 TGT
  • 18% TGT Reward APY
  • 0.1% Liquidity Fee
  • 0.1% Trading Fee
  • Premium Features
  • Harvest & compound
    in one transaction
  • Double mission rewards
  • Multiwallet and watch feature
Stake now

$TGT staking is now live!

Earn currently up to 18% APR and take advantage of premium features.

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Your NFTs and Crypto all in one place

One place for all your NFTs, independent of which chain.

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THORWallet Army - Access Unique Features

Get an extremely rare THORWallet NFT to unlock exclusive features in the wallet that only NFT holders have.

Our vision

THORWallet DEX is your own bank

THORWallet DEX makes DeFi ready for the masses, this is why Blockchain was invented.

The Roobinhood of DeFi

We offer all financial services a person needs based on the open, fair, and transparent DeFi technology. All in one super App.

Backed by Visionaries


Dubai Startup World
Cup Winner 2022

World Blockchain Summit

CDL - Oxford
Fintech Incubator Program 2022

in partnership with Oxford Saïd Business School
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