THORWallet WebApp v1.0 Release

Dear THORWallet DEX community

We are happy to announce the first big update of our WebApp. In this update, you can look forward to several new features and design updates. Besides this, we have fixed several bugs. The first new feature is the introduction of the industry-standard simple swap page, enabling you to swap without any distractions.

New simple swap page

Next to the simple swap page, we have also created an advanced swap page with more controls and information.

New advanced swap page

The next new feature is the introduction of Liquidity Providing. Now, you can finally add & withdraw liquidity from the comfort of your desktop. Besides this, you can also take advantage of LP analytics.

Add Liquidity page

Finally, we have finished the XDEFI integration, and you can now take full advantage of all its features. We have also refreshed the design and fixed several bugs to improve the user experience further.

Let us know what you think of the new features and which features you would like to see added next!


Your THORWallet DEX team

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