Non-custodial, and Web3 ready

Via Wallet Connet, available in the THORWallet DEX app, you can interact with various Web3 protocols such as decentralised exchanges. lending platforms, aggregators such as 1inch, NFT marketplaces and much more. You are in full control of your keys and assets.

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Multichain Support

Securely store, transfer and exchange your crypto assets across 8 chains. You control the keys. Real DeFI.


Multiwallet Functionality

All your wallets consolidated and accessible in a single app. Upgrade to Community or Community Plus to access multiwallet features.



Programmed in Switzerland. Designed to be on the forefront of DeFi security standards.


THORWallet is compatible with any wallets created by other services such as MetaMask. Simply input your seed in our app and enjoy the comfort of all-in-one solution.

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